Single-purpose machines & assembly lines

Since 2003, our company has been significantly involved in the production of single purpose machines. We produce and deliver semi-automatic lines and parts, and modify and modernize older workstations.

By closely working with the client on their technological requirements, we design top quality workstations that make the whole manufacturing process as fast as possible and fully electronically controlled. We also deliver combined workstations - equipped with fixed jigs and constructed for replaceable jigs.

We fully implement the assembled workstations using our own capacities provided by our production team of experts, machine designers, and electric designers. Consequently, we produce the prevailing part of the manufacturing, the whole assembly, and completion of the workstation. Our clients in this area include, in addition to automotive companies and vendors, firms from other industrial areas where the emphasis is on the speed, quality, and safety of the manufacturing process. Our professional approach, technical know-how and the high standard of our machines ensure effective cooperation with highly demanding clients.

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